Investment Strategy


Investment Strategy Quarterly provides an in-depth look at the Investment Strategy Committee’s opinions on economic factors, major themes in the market, strategic asset allocation models, and tactical asset allocation weightings.

The Investment Strategy Committee (ISC) provides Raymond James financial advisors and their clients with actionable market commentary and investment guidance through coordinated macroeconomic, capital markets and asset allocation guidance. The output from the committee is designed to support the financial planning and investment process of Raymond James financial advisors and focuses on four major areas in providing guidance:

  • Economic fundamentals that are likely to affect the individual investor
  • Major themes driving the risks and the return opportunities in the market
  • Strategic allocation models based on long-term investment goals
  • Tactical allocation guidance based on a 6 to 12 month outlook in various asset classes

The committee consists of 20 investment thought leaders from across the firm, each with their own area of expertise. Committee members respond to a detailed survey on topics including economic fundamentals, outlook for the various asset classes, and major risks on the horizon, among others, prior to a quarterly meeting. Survey responses are discussed during the Investment Strategy Committee meeting where the committee debates the major themes in the markets and validates the consensus view from the survey.