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At LiftBridge Financial Advisors, investors are offered an extensive array of investment alternatives and services through Raymond James Financial Services.

Goal Planning

Together, we can take financial planning to new levels, with tools to help you plan and pursue your short – and long-term goals. With our specialized software, it has never been easier to establish your personal retirement and financial strategies and follow their progress.

Retirement Income Planning

Whether you are starting early, nearing retirement age, or already living in retirement and looking to reassess your portfolio, we can help.

Asset Management

We manage your portfolio using a diverse platform of investments that match your unique financial objectives and risk tolerance.

Risk Management

Because insurance protects you from the unexpected, it can play a crucial role in your comprehensive financial plan. With a robust array of quality insurance alternatives such as life insurance and long-term care, we can provide an important layer of safety for you, your family and your business.

College Planning

With many new college savings options available, it is critical to choose the one most appropriate for you. Selecting the wrong plan – or not investing properly within the right one – can prohibit you from maximizing your savings. However, with our experienced guidance, making the right choice is easy.

Solutions for Corporate Executives

Executives face many unique challenges when managing their personal financial plans. Our customizable business consulting services effectively address the needs of corporate executives on a variety of issues unique to their situations.

Estate and Trust Planning

Whether you already have one or more trusts in place or are considering creating one; whether you serve as your own trustee or serve as trustee on behalf of someone else, we can help. Our services range from helping you identify, structure and manage the most appropriate type of trust, to assisting existing trustees in fulfilling their many fiduciary duties.